Earth Day Dallas 2012 Kicks Off

NBC 5 helps DFW "Go Green"

 If you ever wanted to "Go Green" now is the time!

Earth Day Dallas 2012 at Fair Park started off with a bang.  The NBC 5 sponsored event brings in 75,000 people over the course of two days.  Hundreds of exhibitors showcase new ways to go green and be environmentally conscious.

Crissy Fairweather and her family are just one of many businesses hoping to educate people on ways to "Go Green."

The Fairweathers started the company, Papa Richter's Roach Ridder 25 years ago selling environmentally friendly organic bug bait in a bottle cap.  But it wasn't until three years ago the business became official,and people started buying the product.

"We tried selling it a little bit, you know apartments and people, and we ended giving it away, people didn't want green," Fairweather said. "But there's such a green movement now that, hey everybody's like I need that."

The product cost 20 bucks, and lasts six months. The bottle caps stick to any place where bugs hide, the Fairweathers promise it will rid your home of bugs naturally.

And you can't get any greener than a home made of plastic.

Instead of going to a landfill to sit for years, plastic bags and other items are now a part of a new house.

Harvey Lacey with Ubuntu Blox says the home saves the Earth and provides a safe shelter in impoverished countries.

"We take all of this stuff you see here and we take it out of our landfills and landscape and out of our oceans and we make wonderful houses that can wist-hand earthquakes and hurricanes," said Lacey."

Steve Houser with Aborilogical Services says Earth Day is also about celebrating the air we breathe, and making sure we care for the trees around us.

"We take care of these big air filters, that's what we do, we talk about earth day but to an arborist everyday is Earth Day to us," said Houser.

Earth Day Dallas
Sunday, April 22
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Fair Park – Dallas

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