Early North Texas Spring? Too Early to Plant a Garden?

Flowers are already blooming across North Texas thanks to a relatively mild winter and several days of spring-like temperatures.

What does that mean for your home vegetable garden? NBC 5 checked in with the Dallas Arboretum where their botanical experts are preparing for the six week Dallas Blooms Festival.

"Planting this time of year is always a risk. The things that are blooming here in our garden for Dallas Blooms are freeze and frost proof,” Vice President of Gardens Dave Forehand said. “If we were to get a late freeze or frost it's not going to hurt the tulips or the daffodils or things that are blooming for us.”

Forehand said you shouldn’t necessarily follow Mother Nature's humid hints of an early spring.

“A lot of people see these warmer days and say, 'Well, I'm going to go ahead and plant my vegetables like tomatoes and other plants and get a jump on it,’” Forehand said. “But there can still be a freeze or frost, so you want to hold off until the middle of March to plant those things.”

The garden guru said this type of weather is not uncommon for North Texas.

“Every other year, we have an early season,” Forehand said. “It’s just something we are going to see and it looks like the trend is milder weather going through the first few weeks of March so we are just starting the growing cycle early this year.”

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