North Texas Giving Day

‘Early' Event Gives North Texas Giving Day a Jump Start

People can start donating to their favorite charities now ahead of the annual event

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North Texas Giving Day is less than two weeks away. Every year this serves as a big fundraiser for hundreds of nonprofits across DFW.

People don't have to wait until next Thursday to donate, 'Early Giving' is happening right now.

Nonprofits, like Austin Street Center, rely on donations to help provide resources to the homeless to get them off the street.

"More than just providing a meal, we're more than providing a bed, we're really about providing hope that something different is possible for each person," said Daniel Roby, CEO of Austin Street Center.

"All agencies in Dallas are experiencing a higher call volume, they're seeing more people that are in need of help and so it's important for Dallas to invest in its infrastructure to support people that have such significant need."

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