San Antonio

Dying Woman in San Antonio Looks for New Homes for Her Dogs

An 81-year-old San Antonio woman who has terminal cancer is looking for new homes for her five rescue dogs.

Rachel Cannady of God's Dogs Rescue said the woman, who didn't want to be named, reached out to her for help placing the dogs. 

The woman took in all five dogs after they were found abandoned around the San Antonio area. Two of the dogs have injuries indicating they may have been hit by a car, and one dog suffers from seizures.

"I don't know this family at all, but I am glad to help out someone who has been so kind," Cannady said. 

Cannady said the woman originally had six dogs, but another rescue took in one dog that had serious injuries. 

"They have done the best they could for each of these dogs who wouldn't have survived on their own," Cannady said, adding that the woman's daughter is also ill and can't care for the dogs. 

Click here for information about adopting or fostering one of the dogs.

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