Live Rooster Discovered in Truck During Traffic Stop

The Aubrey Police Department made quite the egg-citing discovery during a traffic stop Tuesday night, police say. Officers found a rooster in the toolbox of a truck bed, when they pulled over a vehicle. The driver was ultimately arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Police named the chicken "Mr. Chicken Little." The responding towing company, Motorsports Towing, took the animal in. Mr. Chicken Little spent the night in an office at the towing facility, where employees made a make shift coop out of a tote for the animal. [[511518121,C]]

Delaney Gray, an employee at Motorsports Towing, said the company had taken in cats, dogs, and even snakes before when towing vehicles, but never a chicken.

"We're a bunch of animal lovers here, but that's definitely a first for us," Gray said.

The owner's sister came to pick up Mr. Chicken Little Wednesday morning.

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