Dwaine Caraway to Run for John Wiley Price’s Seat on Commissioners Court

The day after leaving his City Hall position because of term limits, former Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway announced Tuesday that he's running against embattled Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price next year.

Caraway's campaign started with balloons and a drumline before a crowd of supporters at a Dallas luncheon.

"I've completed my tenure on the Dallas City Council. I have a lot of energy, a lot of momentum yet to go, a lot of fresh ideas and a lot of things I think we could do even better for a greater community," Caraway said.

In his time at Dallas City Hall, among other things, Price led a crusade against sagging pants and the city's failed effort to restrict single use plastic grocery bags. Caraway also served as Dallas mayor for several months in 2011 when former Mayor Tom Leppert resigned to run for Congress.

At Tuesday's Commissioners Court meeting, Price said county government requires a different set of skills.

"We just don't do bags and we don't do social, 'pull up your pants' issues," Price said. "So I'll let the people decide."

Price faces a January trial on federal bribery charges. But Price said he still intends to run for reelection in 2016.

"The last time I think I had three opponents, and I won by 77 percent, so I look forward to the challenge," Price said.

Caraway refused to attack Price directly, promising to run a positive campaign.

"After 30 years in office, it's time for new blood. That's why we change up. We have term limits at the Dallas City Council. I think there are greater things folks can do," Caraway said.

Caraway won four city council elections but was restricted from running for reelection at Dallas City Hall after eight years in office.

Each Texas county has a Commissioners Court comprised of four elected commissioners and a county judge. Each county is divided into four districts and residents of those districts elect their representative. All of the voters in the county vote on the county judge and each commissioner serves a four year term.

Current commissioners on the Dallas County Commissioners Court are Dr. Theresa Daniel (Dist. 1), Mike Cantrell (Dist. 2), John Wiley Price (Dist. 3), Dr. Elba Garcia (Dist. 4) and County Judge Clay Jenkins.

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