Dwaine Caraway Returns to Dallas as Guest in the County Jail

Former Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway is back in Dallas, for a stay in the Dallas County Jail.

What's not clear is exactly why.

Caraway is currently serving a 4 1/2 year sentence at a federal prison in west Texas after his conviction for taking bribes from people involved in the Dallas County Schools scandal.

Jail records show the U.S. Marshals Service transported Caraway to the Dallas County Jail on Oct. 30, one week ago.

A mugshot available on the county jail website shows Caraway, wearing a striped jail jumpsuit, without his glasses, and looking thinner than when he departed for federal prison six months ago.

Caraway is expected to be the star witness in the trial of a Dallas real estate developer who accused of paying bribes to Caraway and former Councilwoman Carolyn Davis who died in a car crash after pleading guilty to a federal charge in that case.

But the developer's trial is not scheduled to begin until January, raising questions about whether Caraway is here to help prosecutors prepare in advance of that case or whether he might have other information useful to prosecutors.

The U.S. Attorney's office declined to say why Caraway is in Dallas – but said in a statement, "We were only made aware of Mr. Caraway's transfer to Dallas County Jail after it happened." The statement says the U.S. Marshal's and the Federal Bureau of Prisons choose the locations where federal inmates are held.

Caraway has huge incentive to assist the feds. At sentencing the judge told Caraway she would re-consider his sentence if the government recommended leniency after Caraway testifies in the developer's case.

Caraway's attorney did not immediately respond to phone calls Wednesday - and Caraway declined a jail interview request from NBC 5.

Dallas County Jail records show Caraway is being held in a single cell where he would have no interaction with other inmates.

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