Duncanville Red-Light Camera Rakes in $1 Million

Analysis of data by Texas news Web site shows which make the most money

A report by a Texas news Web site is shining a light on just how much money red-light cameras in the state generate.

While some cities have lost money on the cameras, an analysis of data collected by state transportation officials by The Texas Tribune suggests the cameras have been cash cows for others.

Duncanville's camera at Danieldale Road and U.S. 67 tops the list. The camera issued more than 19,000 citations and generated more than $1 million in a one-year span, according to The Texas Tribune.

"That's outrageous," Duncanville driver Reatha Stoup said.

The Arlington intersection of Cooper Street and Spur 303 came in at a close second. The report indicates the camera generated more than $943,000 in revenue for the city of Arlington.

Of the top 10 money-making cameras in North Texas, three are in Duncanville. Dallas, Richardson, Richland Hills and Irving also made an appearance on the top 10.

"We need to look at this entire intersection here," Duncanville driver Monica Davis said. "There is something gone terribly wrong, there really is."

Duncanville spokeswoman Tonya Lewis declined to comment on the Texas Tribune's report.

"Several months ago, we addressed the red-light camera issue and do not have anything to add on this subject," she said.

The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit news Web site, analyzed red-light cameras across the state from July 1, 2008 to June 20, 2009.

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