Duncanville ISD Employees to Receive Bonus in November for Challenging Past Year

Picture of Duncanville High School
NBC 5 News

Duncanville ISD staff will receive a $2,500 bonus this November for "their perseverance and commitment to students in overcoming challenges faced during the past school year," the district said.

The Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees approved the one-time payment Thursday.

The bonus is for full-time employees who remain employed with Duncanville ISD through November, when the payment is set to be distributed on Nov. 1.

The district also said the payment is intended to recruit new employees who begin as late as Sept. 1.

A district press release said the $2,500 bonus is a 17% increase in annual pay this year for bus drivers and food service employees, who make around $17,200 per year according to those numbers.

The bonus is a 12% increase in yearly pay for custodians, who make around $23,300 according to the district's numbers.

The district did list the average salary for a teacher with 20 years of experience, $63,139, meaning the $2,500 bonus is a 4.6% increase this year for those teachers.

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