Duncanville Dominates But No One Wins

The Duncanville High School basketball arena is full of championship banners and trophies. They're are used to cutting down the nets.

"That's what we do at Duncanville," said head girls basketball coach Cathy Self-Morgan. "The Pantherettes win."

Winning by double digits isn't uncommon, but dominating by 90 points is.

"It was one of those nights we couldn't miss a bucket," Self-Morgan said.

On Tuesday, Duncanville traveled to play district rival Grand Prairie High School, where things quickly got out of hand on the scoreboard.

"I had to call off the dogs," Self-Morgan said. "The starters played less than everyone else."

The coach says she tried everything.

"We went into a 2-3 zone and packed it in the paint," she said. "We started a running clock in the second quarter with four minutes to go. What do you do? Hold the ball at half court and just hold it?"

The final score was Duncanville 91, Grand Prairie 1.

Even when you're used to winning, you never want that, Self-Morgan said.

"Not at the cost of young ladies and their self esteem and them not feeling good about themselves," she said.

Grand Prairie issued a statement, that read in part, "The team faced a very good Duncanville team. Unfortunately, our girls lost. We congratulate Duncanville on their victory."

Losing isn't easy. Just ask Duncanville.

"It was really hard," said Duncanville senior Nina Alvarez. "I've never lost as a Duncanville Pantherette."

Earlier this year, the girls at Duncanville lost their first high school game, ever.

Mansfield Timberview beat them on a last-second shot.

"I don't remember the score," said Duncanville junior Zarielle Green. "I just remember we lost by two points because she made that layup."

For Duncanville, it was motivation moving forward.

"It hurt," Green added. "After that, when we were in the locker room after the game ended, we said we aren't losing any more. We're going to state. We're going back."

Proving that one loss doesn't define you.

The girls at Duncanville hope the girls at Grand Prairie will rebound, too.

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