Duncan Group Raising Money for New Train at Kiddieland Park

The Duncan Chisholm Trail Kiwanis club is doing something that hasn't happened for 50 years, bringing a new ride into Kiddieland. The club has already put the order in with a Texas manufacturer,Chris Genn, Past President of the club told The Duncan Banner.

"Basically, we've got a new train on order coming out of Texas, American made, brand new train," he told The Duncan Banner. "What we are trying to do is raise some funds to be able to pay for that train. We're looking to raise $80,000 for the train. We haven't had a new ride in the park in over 51 years -- the last ride that came to the park was the train in 1968 and so we just felt like this is the right time."

"In the two years I've been president we have never closed Kiddieland because we didn't have enough people," he said.

However, Genn hopes that having more volunteers would mean people who have been faithfully volunteering could get a break and maybe even learn more about the civic club.

Genn said those who do volunteer, for every night they work they will get a free pass for one family night at Kiddieland.

To become a "Friend of Kiddieland" contact the club through their Facebook page to set a time to come down to Kiddieland and fill out background check paper work and learn some of the positions.

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