Dry Month of May Leads to Moderate Drought in Parts of North Texas

North Texas rainfall falls more than four inches below normal

Recent rainfall, according to The Texas Water Development Board, has greatly reduced, but not removed, drought conditions across the state.

Though .17 inches of rain was recorded over the holiday weekend, North Texas still remains nearly four inches below average for the month of May.

TWDB data shows Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton counties are all abnormally dry and that a small swath of moderate drought exists in northwest Dallas County, northeast Tarrant County and southern Denton County.

The statewide drought level, however, is now at 2 percent, down from 6 percent a week ago.

According to data from the National Weather Service in Fort Worth, .70 inches of rain has been recorded at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport for the month of May, which is 3.88 inches below normal.

  • January: the norm is 2.13 inches; D/FW received 4.39 inches; +2.26 on the month and year.
  • February: the norm is 2.66 inches; received 2.33 inches; -.33 on the month; +1.93 on the year.
  • March: the norm is 3.49 inches; received 1.06 inches; -.2.43 on the month; -.5 on the year.
  • April: the norm is 3.07 inches; received +3.38 inches; + .31 on the month; -.19 on the year.
  • May: the norm is 4.58 inches; received .70 inches; -3.88 on the month; -4.07 on the year.

According to NWS data through May 30, D/FW International Airport is down more than four inches of rain compared to the norm. Year to date D/FW has reported 11.86 inches of rain; the norm is 15.93 inches.

More weather systems are expected in the coming days could help return the state to normal conditions. Find the latest forecast from NBC 5's team of Weather Experts here.

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