Drug-Infested Hotel Near Elementary School is Shut Down

A drug-infested hotel located one-thousand feet from a Dallas elementary school was shut down Thursday.

At the Han Gil Hotel Town, more than 50 agents and officers arrested people, conducted search warrants and put up notices for an immediate clearing of the premises. Several attorneys were present during this time.

A motion was granted Wednesday by a U.S. District Judge to shut the hotel down after federal prosecutors’ said it was a home base for some drug dealers.

Judge C. David C. Godbey signed a temporary restraining order Wednesday to prohibit anyone besides Han Gil proprietors and immediate family from controlling the hotel.

Herbert Marcus Elementary is .2 miles from the hotel. There has been three deaths, two non-fatal shootings and dozens of drug-related incidents in the past eight months, according to the motion.

"The Han Gil is a magnet for drug dealers and violent criminals and needed to be shut down immediately for public safety reasons," said U.S. Attorney Nealy Cox. "We believe this business was nothing but a front for criminal activity and posed significant danger to our community."

Su Amos and Micha Mun, the husband-wife duo who operate the hotel, allowed dealers to sell drugs from inside guest rooms if they paid an $80 per day "drug tax," according to the motion.

Mr. Mun allegedly would allow dealers to install cameras and peepholes to detect and avoid police, the motion states. He would give notice to dealers when an inspection was about to happen.

Mr. Mun is in federal custody on one count of maintaining a drug-involved premises and could face up to 20 years in federal prison with a $500,000 fine. The corporation is facing up to a $2 million fine.

He has not been convicted of any crime.

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