Drivers Say Slick Roads, Sharp Curves Caused Them To Crash on Rain-Filled Tuesday

Dallas police say they responded to nearly 200 wrecks on a rainy Tuesday.

Between midnight and 2 .p.m., they responded to 177 total accidents, 97 of those were classified as Priority 1 or Priority 2 "major" accidents with the possibility of injury.

In Irving, dangerously slick roads led to several crashes on the entrance and exit ramps between State Highway 183 and Loop 12.

Irving police say just between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday, officers responded to 24 accidents. Three of those were major accidents with injuries.

Jessica Puente was involved in one of the Irving crashes. She was taking a sharp curve on Loop 12 near 183 and ended up crashing into two poles.

"I just took a turn, and put on the brakes appropriate like it should be for the curve, and yet I kept on sliding. I hit the pole, and now I’m here," Puente said, sitting in her heavily damaged car. "I’m okay overall, I feel okay. I'm just a bit shaken right now. I know the adrenaline is still there, it was pretty scary."

She said she knew the roads were slick and was trying to take the curve extra slowly.

"No matter how much I hit my brakes and tried to steer the car, [it] had a mind of its own," she said.

Her advice to other drivers--"Be careful out there and only go out if you need to."

"I just slid off the road in the rain," said Adina Weinberg, who also got into a single-vehicle crash Tuesday afternoon.

She was driving on a State Highway 114 ramp and nearly drove off into a construction site 20 feet below.

"Do not drive too fast," she said after a tow-truck pulled her out of a mud put. "I was driving too fast."

The far left lane of both north and southbound sides of Interstate 35E in Lewisville were closed for several hours Tuesday afternoon due to high water. This had a big impact on the evening rush hour commute. The lanes were closed between Farm-top-Market Road 407 and Garden Ridge Boulevard.

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