Drivers Report Windows Shot Out in Oak Cliff

Dallas police are investigating the cases as criminal mischief

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Drivers in Oak Cliff are warning others after having their car windows shout out while they were inside their vehicles.

The drivers in both shootings were not harmed physically, but they're pretty shaken.

"So I was really, really scared," said Saru Nemkul. She was driving home from her salon in Oak Cliff when the shots were fired on Illinois Avenue near Molina High School.

"I just hear like 'boom,' like twice time, like a gunshot. I didn't' know if it was gunshot or something, but then I hear it again, then it was like a bullet hole on my car," Nemkul said.

She says she was too scared to stop, so she headed home before calling the police.

"There is nothing we can do because people are going crazy these days," said Nemkul. "It can happen anywhere you know."

Nemkul is not the only victim. In the same area, Roxanna Balderas and her mother were driving when their window was shot out.

"We just hear like a big ol' 'thump.' Like we thought it was the tire but then we heard the glass shatter," said Balderas. "That's when I started asking my mom 'are you okay' they just shot at us.' We just continued driving and she kept going, we were just scared."

NBC 5 confirmed police reports were filed in both cases and Dallas police are investigating the cases as criminal mischief.

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