Drivers Beware: Rocks Hurled into Oncoming Traffic

It happened again. Some senseless person hurled a piece of concrete debris into oncoming traffic along Central Expressway. 

The object came crashing through the sunroof of Nakita Wilson's BMW.  "I'm lucky to be alive," Wilson said from her Houston area home.

Wilson had just dropped off her grandmother around 7pm Sunday evening when she approached the Mockingbird Bridge driving southbound on 75.  "I saw a man in a baseball cap and a green plaid shirt, I didn't have time to think when the object came crashing into my car," Wilson said. 

Other drivers say its a miracle she wasn't injured and even more amazing the impact didn't cause a crash. 


can't even imagine someone throwing a rock and possibly killing someone's mother, brother, father, sister, it's terrible," said T.J. Foust who frequently drives along Central Expressway.

Between November and December of 2008 there were eight reports of rocks thrown into traffic along Dallas area roadways. 

"Forget about the damage to the vehicles, this type of reckless behavior can kill someone," said Dallas Police Lt. Andy Harvey. "We want it stopped."

Dallas police ask drivers to be extra vigilant and watch for any suspicious behavior on bridges and overpasses.
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