Driver Who Fled Dallas Park After Barrage of Gunfire Arrested

Driver held on other charges; police have not confirmed who was shooting during shooting vigil

Dallas police arrested an armed person they say sped away from a vigil being held for a victim of Saturday night's shooting in Greenville after a barrage of gunshots were heard.

Police said witnesses saw a black Toyota Corolla speed away from St. Augustine Park and that when officers tried to stop the driver he tried to lose them.

After a short chase, the driver, identified by police as 21-year-old Patrick Lovely, was taken into custody and charged with evading arrest, outstanding alias warrants and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

Dallas police said they have not yet determined whether Lovely fired any of the shots at the vigil.

Police also have not determined if the gunfire at the vigil is in any way related to the shooting in Greenville. Detectives with the Dallas Police Department, however, are comparing notes with investigators in Hunt County in the ongoing investigation.

If anyone has any information related to the gunfire at St. Augustine Park, they're asked to please contact Detective Tim Johnston at 214.671.3523 or timothy.johnston@dallascityhall.com.

Meanwhile, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said Monday afternoon they'd arrested 23-year-old Brandon Ray Gonzales and charged him with capital murder of mulitple persons in connection with the shooting at the college party Saturday night.

Just over one week later, on Nov. 5, the Hunt County Sheriff's Office released Gonzales after authorities discovered "exculpatory evidence."

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