Driver Faces Manslaughter Charge After the Death of a Woman in 107-mph Crash

Duncanville Police Department

A car crash in January that left one woman dead has led to a 21-year-old facing a manslaughter charge.

Alejandro Hernandez, 21, was driving east bound on W. Danieldale Road in Duncanville in a Chevy Camaro when he hit a Dodge Avenge. He was driving 107 mph just prior to impact, police say.

Forty-three year old Tiffany Hamlet, who was driving the Avenger, was taken to Parkland Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

Hernandez turned himself in to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday, more than two months after the incident occurred.

He posted bond at $10,000, police say.

The Duncanville Police Department want to remind drivers to operate vehicles properly and to obey all traffic laws.

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