Drive-In Theater Coming to Fort Worth

300,000 moviegoers expected a year


Get ready for some retro entertainment because the drive-in theater is returning to Cowtown.
The Tarrant Regional Water District gave Coyote Theaters the go ahead Tuesday to develop a drive-in theater along the Trinity River just south of La Grave Field.

"We are producing the first urban drive-in right now in the U.S.," said J.D. Granger Trinity River Development Director.

It’ll have digital projectors and ways to listen through your car or smart phones. The tech will allow it to be the first drive-in in the country to offer first run movies simultaneously in both English and Spanish.

There will also be more than one way to watch movies on the four screens.

"We’re going to have cabanas where you can watch from cabanas instead of your car. There’s ways to watch if you were going to ride your bike or in Fort Worth’s case ride your horse," said Coyote Theaters CEO Brady Wood.

Coyote Theaters bid on the project because of the unique location.

"It is very rare that there is a location in an urban downtown area that is quiet," said Wood.

Crews will start hauling away 70,000 cubic yards, or more than 2,300 dump trucks, of what it calls hazardous material around and possibly under the pavement.

"We are going through a very large environmental cleanup project," said Granger.

Workers are cleaning the site for an ambitious Memorial Day opening weekend.

"We may open before all the buildings are completed, but we’ll open up with some portable buildings," said Wood.

The water district expects 300,000 moviegoers a year.

The water district will get $1.7 million as part of a 10-year lease and hopes it attracts concerts and other events during the day.

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