DPD Steps Up Patrols in Lake Highlands

String of sexual assaults not discouraging women residents

Wednesday, Dallas police are stepping up patrols in their search for as many as two rapists who attacked two women in the Lake Highlands neighborhood.

The first two attacks took place Feb. 22 and March 15 at locations on Ferndale Road. A third attack took place not far from that location on March 19 at a home on Aldwick Drive.

Police said they’re hitting the streets in squad cars, on bikes and on horseback looking for anything suspicious while trying to ease concerns of those living in the area.

The fear of another attack, didn’t stop the morning routine for many women who were out walking alone before sunrise or getting the kids off to school. 
Many women are refusing to further be victimized.

“Everyone who lives here loves this neighborhood, so it’s very personal,” said neighbor Monta Darrough. “People feel very protective.  I don’t think we’re hiding behind doors or anything. I think there’s a sense of awareness and concern.”

while on a morning walk, Darrough now questions her own safety while thinking about the most recent victim who was assaulted her in her own bed just minutes after her husband left for work.

In that assault, the victim fought back and scratched her attacker. Police hope DNA evidence from the scratch will help them catch the man responsible.

“Violent crime like this just is not something that happens here.  It’s not.  When it happens, it’s so shocking and unnerving to everybody,” said Whitney Miranda.

Dallas police officers scoured the streets and alleys of the neighborhood overnight and into the daylight. Meanwhile, investigators continue talking with the two latest victims trying to determine if they’re searching for the same rapist or two separate attackers.

Investigators are also checking if sex offenders in the areas could match the attackers.

Dallas Chief of Police David Brown said Tuesday that Fernando Munoz, who is in custody on other charges, is suspected of committing the Feb. 22 rape.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the outstanding cases. Anyone with information is asked to call the police tip line at 214-670-4415.

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