Dallas Reserve Officer Accused of Spiking Drinks

A reserve Dallas police officer Brad Hellums was arrested early Wednesday morning after witnesses say he was spiking women's drinks at a lower Greenville Avenue bar.

One of the women at the Sugar Shack in the 1900 block of Greenville Avenue said a "creepy" guy was "flashing his badge around" at the bar after midnight, offering to buy them drinks.

She said while they were outside smoking, the bartender told them the guy poured a white powder into their drinks.

Police said the bar flagged down officers and told them about the incident.

"He was off-duty at the time of the incident, and patrol officers took him into custody," said Sgt. Warren Mitchell, a DPD spokesman. 

The arresting officers said Hellums was intoxicated.

The officers saw him throw a dark-colored vial into a trashcan while they questioned him, according to a police report. A police field test found that the contents were cocaine, according to the report.

Hellums was charged with public intoxication, two counts of tampering with a consumer product and possession of a controlled substance, Mitchell said.

"He was recently promoted -- less than a year ago -- to the rank of lieutenant, and from what I understand, he was an outstanding reserve officer," Mitchell said.

"He is trusted, and I can't comment on my disappointment," said Dallas Police Reserve Commander Rick Anderson. "I think the process has to take its course."

Hellums' badge, police credentials and gun were taken by the city pending the outcome of a criminal investigation.

There are currently 85 Dallas police reserve officers. They are certified to carry a gun and badge and they have much the same training as regular officers, but they work for the city as unpaid volunteers.

"They want to help people," Anderson said. 

In his 24 years with the Dallas police reserves, Anderson said he can not recall another arrest.

Hellums was assigned to the South Central Patrol Division. He has been a Dallas reserve officer for six years.

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