DPD Launches Summer Crime Initiative

Dallas police say Wednesday's shooting of two teenagers is the kind of violence that makes their new crime initiative all the more important.

Officers will crack down on violent crime, property crime and public disorder during Operation Triangle.

"Tempers flare when it's hot," Sgt. Warren Mitchell said. "You know, people don't keep cool heads. Crime does tend to go up a little bit more during our summertime."

He said kids can also cause more problems in the summertime than when they are in school and being supervised by teachers or parents.

Police said teenagers who were violating curfew ended up settling their conflicts in a double shooting. Investigators said six teenagers -- three boys, three girls -- drove up to the Murdeaux Villas Apartments in southeast Dallas. Two of them opened fire on three teenagers sitting outside an apartment, hitting two of them.

Sgt. Rene Sigala said teenagers are too young to be out at 1 a.m.

"They should be inside, asleep, not being out here getting shot at or getting into trouble," Sigala said.

As part of "Operation Triangle," Dallas police will focus on beat policing and work more closely with community crime watch groups.

"Hopefully, we can help prevent something like this from occurring," Mitchell said.

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