DPD Helicopter Rescues Stranded Kayaker

The Dallas Police Department’s helicopter rescued a kayaker stranded in the Trinity River on Sunday night.

According to Dallas Police, two kayakers missed their exit point on the Trinity River and crossed over the remnants of a lock and key about one-mile north I-20 where both kayakers became separated from their kayaks. One of the kayakers was able to swim to shore but the other became stranded.

Dallas-Fire Rescue initially attempted to reach the stranded kayaker with a boat but the water proved to be too shallow. Circling overhead, DPD’s helicopter took a look and thought they could possible land on a nearby sand bar.

"Only thing I was worried about was sitting it down on the sand bar, whether the skids would sink in to the mud or not," Sr. Cpl Mark Colborn said.

Colborn and his co-pilot were able to land and rescue the kayaker who later snapped a selfie with the pilots and promised to be more careful in the future.

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