DPD Goes Door-to-Door to Reduce Crime

Dallas police are trying a hands-on approach to reducing crime in one neighborhood.  The initiative calls for a little help from those who know Northwest Dallas best -- the people who live there.

"We lately have been having a lot of violence, crimes around the area," said Spanish Creek Apartment resident Maria Velazquez.

Officers went door-to-door Saturday and spoke with hundreds of residents in apartment complexes in the Northwest part of Dallas.  The effort is part of what police are calling the 10/70/20 initiative.

"What that means is, trying to mobilize 10 percent of the people that's in the complex that's partnering with the police," said Levi Williams, of Dallas Police Community Affairs.

Seventy percent is made up of residents who tolerate crime but aren't involved in it. Twenty percent represent those who engage in criminal activity.  The goal is to shift those numbers and add to that 10 percent.

"When a family member comes up to you and says, 'Hey, look, my kid can ride his bike outside, my daughter can play outside, we don't hear much gunfire, crime has gone down,' and that 70 percent now says, 'Hey, look, people are doing things,' and now they want to do something," Williams said.

Officers surveyed residents on Saturday and asked them what they think would make the community safer. Police will meet with residents Feb. 17 to discuss the findings of the survey and give them feedback.

Some residents said they already know officers will need their help.

"They can't be out here 24 hours a day and know exactly what's going on," said Spanish Creek Apartment resident Carlston Riggins.

"We are a community," Velazquez said. "We have to be united."

Police have implemented the plan at 12 apartment complexes in Northwest Dallas. 

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