DPD Fires 2 Officers Accused of Falsifying Records

At least 60 cases that officers were directly involved with will be dismissed

The Dallas County District Attorney's Office said Friday that it will dismiss dozens of cases after two Dallas police officers have been charged with felonies in connection with allegations of falsifying records.

Officer Randolph Allen Dillon and Officer Jon Llewellyn are charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and aggravated perjury.

Dillon and Llewellyn were fired Friday. Warrants for their arrest were issued after a hearing at Dallas police headquarters Friday afternoon about two different drug cases.

The district attorney's office said it has dismissed 60 cases with which Dillon and Llewellyn were directly involved.

The department said it is still reviewing arrests by and cases filed by Dillon and Llewellyn and will take appropriate action if necessary.

Dallas police say internal investigators found that Dillon and Llewellyn lied in court and falsified police records in a major December 2011 drug bust. They are also accused of falsifying records in an October 2012 heroin arrest.

Both former officers were hired in April 2009 and were assigned to the Southwest Division.

The district attorney's office said its Public Integrity Division would present the cases to a grand jury.

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