More Unfiled Family Violence Cases Found at DPD Headquarters

Insiders say DPD can't blame retired detective for latest round of found files

The Dallas Police Department declined to answer questions Thursday about the discovery of more boxes filled with unfiled family violence cases in a headquarters storage room.

A news release confirmed the discovery Wednesday but named only a retired detective, who left the department months before the latest discovery within the past few weeks.

Mickey East was transferred out of the family violence unit after the 2009 discovery of thousands of unfiled cases in his Mesquite garage.

"Pinning the blame on him for what's happening now is not fair," said Dallas Police Association President Ron Pinkston.

The news release said two supervisors were disciplined earlier in connection with the East cases but it did not name those supervisor or specify what penalty they faced.

Pinkston said the new discovery of cased stashed in a closet shows a deeper problem exist that is not the fault of one detective.

"I think there's an underlying problem and the problem is a lack of manpower in that unit. There needs to be more detectives in that unit because their workload is tremendous and they seem to be understaffed," he said.

Pinkston said family violence cases are more time consuming than many other cases because they always have a known suspect, always require interviews and they are always supposed to be filed in court.

Officials said in the past that more than 500 of the unfiled cases blamed on East had new accusations against the suspect by the time investigators returned to them.

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