DPD Disciplines Two in Connection to Officers' Investigation

The Dallas Police Department has disciplined two deputy chiefs in connection to the firings of two officers charged with tampering evidence.

An administrative investigation concluded that Deputy Chiefs Andrew Acord and Chesley Williams failed to initiate an investigation when they became aware of the possible misconduct of officers Jon Llewellyn and Randolph Allen Dixon.

Acord and Williams were verbally counseled and reassigned.

Accord, a 33-year veteran, will be reassigned from the Narcotics Division to the Northeast Patrol Division.

Williams, a 29-year veteran, is currently with the Special Projects Bureau.

Dallas police started investigating Dillon and Llewellyn late last year after a judge ruled that they repeatedly lied during court testimony.

The Dallas Police Department fired Dillon and Llewellyn on March 1. They were charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and aggravated perjury.

So far, the Dallas County District Attorney's Office has dismissed 60 cases involving the embattled former officers and is expected to dismiss even more.

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