Dozens of DFW Gas Stations Accused of Price Gouging to Refund Consumers

Some stations allegedly charged as much as $8.99 per gallon as Texans prepared for Hurricane Harvey

Dozens of North Texas gas stations accused of price gouging in the wake of Hurricane Harvey will pay refunds to consumers, attorney general Ken Paxton's office announced Thursday.

In a news release, Paxton's office said 48 businesses, most of which are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, will pay $162,592 in civil restitution in what Paxton called "Assurances of Voluntary Compliance."

All 48 gas stations charged $3.99 or higher for a gallon of gasoline or diesel, the release said. Some stations allegedly charged as much as $8.99 per gallon.

“The response to Hurricane Harvey showed the incredible generosity of Texans. These settlements should teach the few who take advantage of their fellow residents to follow the law in the future,” Paxton stated in a news release.

Each gas station listed below has agreed not to price gouge in the future and to pay restitution to consumers.

Customers who believe they were victims of price gouging should fill out and submit a claim form. Forms will be accepted until Sept. 10, 2018.

The payout amounts will vary depending on the gallons purchased, price paid for gas and the amount available in the restitution fund.

ONLINE: Download the Claim Form
ONLINE: Download the list of gas stations named in settlement

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