Dozens of Couples Scramble After Dallas Bakery Unexpectedly Closes

As many as 89 couples are without a wedding cake after Romano's Bakery unexpectedly closed this week in Dallas.

"I have a wedding in three weeks and Ramono's came highly referred," said Odonna Hastings.

Hastings said she had already paid a $500 deposit.

"And they've taken people's money and ran?" she asked. "God takes care of everyone in His own way."

Wednesday morning, an employee of the bakery called nine of the brides whose weddings are scheduled for Saturday.

The employee, Kari Kuszewski, was a cake decorator at the bakery on Mockingbird Lane.

The owner told her to get her personal things from the shop and to leave her key, she said.

While she was leaving the store, Kuszewski also grabbed some of the order forms. She waited until Wednesday morning to call because her boss told her to wait for her final paycheck to be deposited in her account.

"They're irate," Kuszewski said of customers. "They want their money back. They deserve their money back. Or a cake for that matter."

Customer Marcos Martinez said his sister, Maricela, paid about $1,000 for her wedding cake.

"She doesn't want to talk to anybody right now," Martinez said. "She's really upset."

Martinez had ordered cakes there before and never had any trouble. Last week she got an email from Romano's Bakery asking her about the design of her cake. She replied asking if she should be worried, but never got an email back.

The employee said she knows of 89 couples who had orders in for cakes.

The bakery door was locked Wednesday and calls to the owner were unanswered and messages have not been returned.

NBC 5's Ellen Bryan contributed to this report.

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