Downtown Ennis Damaged in Storm

An EF-1 tornado struck Ennis at about midnight during Wednesday night's tornado outbreak.

Several buildings suffered serious damage in downtown Ennis, including buildings in the historic district. Some buildings suffered roof and structure damage.

The National Weather Service said the tornado, which had an estimated peak wind of 90 mph, was on the ground for about six miles. It started west of Interstate 45 and crossed the highway south of Ennis Avenue.

Officials with the city of Ennis released a map Thursday showing the approximate track of the tornado.

The local Dairy Queen sustained significant damage. The air-conditioning unit on top of the building was thrown into the next-door parking lot.

With the electricity out, the owner gave away the restaurant's ice cream.

"We were giving free Dilly Bars and everything; they were melting this afternoon," Joey Pratt said. "So we were in traffic; I had guys out there giving away ice cream, so we did some good PR work this afternoon."

One minor injury was reported from cuts to a person's arm and head as a result of broken glass.

Damage to residential areas ranges from minor to moderate and included damage from fallen trees.

NBC 5's Amanda Guerra contributed to this report.

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