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North Texas Skylines Go Dark to Help Conserve Electricity

NBC 5 viewers wanted to know why they were conserving electricity or without power while the Dallas skyline was lit

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The Dallas skyline was considerably darker Monday night as the electric emergency continues, and over in Fort Worth, the external lights went out on at least two buildings in an effort to conserve electricity.

Millions of Texans are without power as temperatures plunged into the single digits early Monday morning.

Controlled power outages were initiated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. ERCOT council described the outages as a "last resort to preserve the reliability of the electric system as a whole," adding that utility transmission companies are tasked with determining how to reduce demand on the system.

NBC 5 viewers asked us why Downtown Dallas was still lit up. At one point Sunday night featuring a Valentine's Day theme.

The Dallas skyline lit up Sunday evening to celebrate Valentine's Day.

"How about turning off all these electronic billboards and the neon lights on the buildings downtown," said NBC 5 viewer David.

"I noticed that the buildings in downtown Dallas are all lit up, but I am being asked to turn off lights and lower the temp in our home," said viewer Sharon. "Isn't that a double standard?"

There will be fewer lights Monday night as the electric emergency continues.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson tweeted that the Downtown Dallas, Inc. is asking downtown buildings to turn off their external lights Monday night to help conserve energy.

Reunion Tower confirmed it will not be lit and "any other non-essential lights and electricity-consuming equipment will be turned off."

Fort Worth also dimmed its skyline Tuesday night. The lights went out on the Bank of America Tower and Wells Fargo Tower in the center of downtown.

Amid a power emergency across Texas, the were turned off on the Bank of America Tower and and Well Fargo Tower in the center of downtown Tuesday night.
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