Crews Implode Downtown Dallas Tower

An office building from the 1940s came crumbling to the ground Saturday morning in downtown Dallas, but it was all by design.

Crews imploded the building to make way for First Baptist Dallas' expansion project.

Dozens of people crowded around the impact zone for a chance to see the 11-story building come down.

"You can literally see the windows going in and out as each implosion was happening and it was like pop pop pop and it was loud and you could feel it," Joe Bannon said.

Many arrived before sunrise to see the implosion.

"It was pretty loud. I don't think I was ready for it being so loud, so fast and my heart is still pounding," Kendra Winn said.

As Dallas grows, many residents said they were excited to see the change and what it could mean for the future.

"I've been a resident downtown for six years, and I'm excited to see the change," Richard Margolin said.

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