‘Don't Worry, You Have the Best Doctors in the World': 8-Year-Old Pens Heartfelt Letter to Injured Cowboys Player Allen Hurns

Cowboys wide receiver Allen Hurns took to social media Sunday to thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes after he suffered a season-ending injury in Saturday's playoff game.

Hurns underwent surgery and tweeted that he is ready to attack the recovery process.

One of the thousands of "get well" messages got Hurns' attention.

"Dear Allen Hurns," wrote Luke McSwain.

They are the words of a worried 8-year-old.

McSwain was watching the game with his family and neighbors in Lewisville.

"I saw the Cowboys – Seahawks game last night," he wrote. "I saw you get hurt. I hope you are okay."

"[Hurns] was just trying to make his foot go down to the ground, but it was actually on the side and I was like, 'That must’ve hurt,'" McSwain said Sunday.

"Then the replay and next thing I know [Luke] is in my lap," Luke's mom Kim McSwain said. "Immediate tears, and just still in silence."

Luke couldn't shake the gruesome injury when it came time to go to sleep.

"I couldn't because I was thinking of [Hurns] in the hospital," he said.

"Kept coming downstairs, 'Mom, mom,' and finally I just said, 'Buddy, you've got to go to sleep.' And he said, 'Can I write him a letter and we can take it to him tomorrow?'" Kim McSwain said.

The second grader then wrote down some words of comfort.

"Don't worry, you have the best doctors in the world," he wrote.

Luke drew a picture of Hurns being carted off the field as well.

"With a thumbs up," he said.

"It brought tears to my eyes," Kim said. "He 100 percent spoke from his little 8-year-old heart."

"It didn't really surprise me a whole lot because that's just who he is. It's just more like -- awesome. That's my son. He's a good dude,” Luke's dad Josh McSwain said.

Luke's message reached No. 17 on Twitter.

"Tell Luke I said thanks," Hurns tweeted.

Luke even received a FaceTime call from Hurns on Sunday afternoon where he showed the football player his trading card from when Hurns played for the Jaguars.

Hurns told Luke he will be sending him a new Cowboys trading card to add to his collection.

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