“Don't Try to Hustle the Hustlers”

Pool hall patrons chase down man suspected of breaking into cars

Thieves beware: Stay away from the Rack Daddy's in far north Dallas. Or, as one man at the Rack Daddy's put it on Wednesday: "Don't try to hustle the hustlers."

Patrons of the pool hall on Coit Road said they chased down a man who was breaking into cars in the parking lot and held him until police arrived.

"He picked the wrong bar," Brad Boyd said.

Pool players said they saw a man rummaging through cars in the parking lot on Tuesday night. "They look out and see him with a flashlight going through cars," Mark Garrett said.

Boyd said he and one of his friends went outside and spotted the man trying to flee.

"I just took off after him and caught up to him by the fence to an apartment complex," Boyd said. "I grabbed him and just body slammed him into the bushes and laid on top of him while I waited for police to get there," Boyd said.

Police said Arthur Gelmen broke into four cars outside the pool hall. Officers said they recovered everything that was stolen. 

"I'm real thankful to get my stuff back," said Jonathan Weidler, whose GPS unit was stolen. "Those guys did a great job catching him for all of us who had stuff stolen.

Boyd said he would do it all again if he sees someone else trying to steal from his friends.

"Don't do it," he said. "I don't care how bad things are, don't steal from other people."

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