North Texas

Why You Should Wash Your Car This Weekend

If you've been out driving in the past week, there's a good argument that you should wash your car this weekend.

Crews across North Texas sprayed brine — a salt water solution — to pre-treat roads ahead of wintry weather Monday night. The Texas Department of Transportation says the mixture helps prevent ice an snow from sticking to road surfaces.

However, experts say mufflers, wiring and bolts underneath your car can erode if not cleaned. If that part breaks, it could be an expensive fix. Rusting can also lead to exterior cracks and chipped paint.

Here's what you can do:

• Wash your car from top to bottom: Make sure the car wash is equipped to clean your undercarriage.
• Don't brush: Brushes transfer dirt and debris
• Wipe it down: Inspect your car for paint flakes and specks, rust, oxidation or corrosion.
• Check the interior: Use a vacuum to clean salt and dirt from carpeting, mats and upholstery.

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