Collin County

Dog Bit Child Then Disappeared From Shelter: Police

A little girl who was bitten by a family dog on Sunday has been released from the hospital.

The dog was quarantined by Farmersville Animal Control Officers but then disappeared overnight. Investigators say it was found back at the family's home on Monday morning.

Police say quarantined dogs are housed in an outdoor facility in a rural part of Farmersville — only temporarily before being transferred to a facility in McKinney.

"We came to pick up one of our dogs here at animal control shelter, and the dog was missing. And we did some follow up with the family and the owners and were able to come back up with the dog again," said Farmersville Police Chief Michael Sullivan. "We're investigating that piece of it — how the dog became missing from our shelter and we're looking into that now."

Family members of the child who was bitten, 4-year-old Tana McKee, say the girl was playing in the backyard Sunday afternoon when the family's pit bull somehow got out.

The child's aunt said there was a lot of commotion at the time and that perhaps the dog got startled and bit the child.

McKee was airlifted to a hospital for non-life threatening injuries and is now at home recovering.

Farmersville police are still trying to determine how the dog disappeared from the shelter. The dog is now in the custody of Collin County Animal Control for quarantine.

Farmersville police say it's not clear if the pit bull has current shot records, and that possible city charges could be filed if the animal does not have proper vaccinations.

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