Dog Rescue Group Founder in Need of Help After Devastating Diagnosis

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A young woman known for her tireless work to save shelter dogs now finds herself in need of help following a devastating diagnosis.

Megan Sherman’s mission has always been able to help others.

Sherman, known as “Shermanator,” started ‘Funding 4 Fido’ about two years ago.

The community outreach non-profit helps pay for vaccinations and medical treatment for dogs in need in east Dallas and Garland.

The group also rescues shelter dogs by paying for their medical care and finding foster homes.

Many of the dogs Funding 4 Fido helps are pit bulls.

“They’re the ones that are needing the most help and they’re quite honestly the most misunderstood,” said Sherman.

This ‘helper’ is now in need of help after ending up in the hospital with severe pain two weeks ago.

“They did a CT scan and found out that I had some significant masses in my colon,” she said.

At just 30 years old, Sherman was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer.

She’s undergone one surgery.

Tests so far has shown the cancer has not spread to her lymph nodes, but additional testing for a genetic mutation are still pending.

“2020 has been a hard year for everyone,” she said through tears. “I think with COVID, I lost a lot of my clients. I lost my job.”

Sherman is also a self-employed behavioral therapist.

She said she did not get health insurance because it was inadequate and costly.

Problem is, now she’s facing mounting medical bills.

Fortunately, she has family and friends rallying around her.

“She is the most tenacious young person I’ve ever met,” said Missy Redding.

Redding owns another dog rescue group called Belovable Paws.

Redding has worked closely with the Chicago-native since she arrived in Dallas.

“She’s had a huge impact,” said Redding.

The area’s tight-knit dog rescue community is coming to Sherman’s rescue.

A GoFundMe fundraiser is collecting money for Sherman’s medical care.

And even now, Sherman is thinking of others.

She has started a blog about her ‘cancer journey,’ hoping to bring awareness about colon cancer.

“I’ve had two or three other people start messaging me: Hey, I was supposed to go for a colonoscopy based on XYZ-symptoms and I’ve been pushing it off. I decided to go schedule that colonoscopy,” she said. “If I can tell people check your insurance policy or if you’re over 50 go get that colonoscopy. Or if it’s in your family history, go talk to your family.”

While the future of Funding 4 Fido is unclear right now, Sherman hopes to continue her mission to help North Texas dogs.

To contribute to Sherman's GoFundMe account, click here.

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