Dog Missing After Burglary in Fort Worth

A Fort Worth family is without their beloved puppy following a burglary in broad daylight Saturday afternoon. 

The Templeton family says their home was ransacked; jewlerly, electronics, guitars and even their daughter's babysitting money was taken. 

"It's just a huge invasion of our privacy and just really sad," said Julia Templeton.

Most items, aside from some heirloom jewlery, they say are replaceable. However, the family's puppy, Petey, was inside his kennel in the garage prior to the burglary is now missing. 

"It's pretty dramatic to have him gone," Templeton said, "and to just think somebody would come and take your family dog is pretty disrupting."

The family recently got the 4-month-old puppy during spring break. 

"He's a blue heeler, border collie mix," said Templeton's daughter, Ava, "we've only had him for a small amount of time, but really he's made a huge impact on our family."

The Templetons question why someone would steal their dog, and are offering a reward for Petey's safe return.

"It's terrible because if they introduce our dog as their dog or our property as theirs it's untruthful, it's stealing, it's terrible," Ava Templeton said.

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