Dog Hanging by Hind Leg in Barbed Wire Fence Rescued

Dallas firefighters rescued a dog from a barbed wire fence over the holiday weekend.

The canine had been hanging by his hind leg from the fence for at least two days in the sweltering North Texas heat.

The dog was extremely dehydrated, so EMTs started an I.V. on him.

He was later examined by a veterinarian, who determined the dog had suffered a heat stroke. He also had severe cuts all over his body, which caused an infection. His feet were badly swollen and bleeding.

Rescue crews have named him Indy Justice.

Indy's condition is improving, but he's on I.V. antibiotics. He is also receiving hydrotherapy while he is sedated, with the hope that his hind leg can be saved.

If you are interested in donating to Indy's recovery care, CLICK HERE. You can follow Indy's progress on DFW Rescue Me's Facebook page.

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