Dog Days of Summer 2014 – Gallery VI

NBC 5 viewers share their photos showing how their pets keep cool in a warm Texas summer.

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One blue please Chloe, our 5 year old beagle loves snow cones!
NBC 5 DFW User Submission Sure looks hot out there... We prefer air conditioning... -- Application: NBC 5 DFW Version: (b3227f9b) Edition: en-US-nbcdfw Ref: 18tlcphhxxl Model: iPhone System Version: 6.1.4
untitled Kringle after a tough workout. Mary Strom North Fort Worth
Momma went to Buc-ees and I all got was a football Bear playing with his new football from our recent visit to the Madisonville Buc-ee's.
Doggy Days My 13 year old white Lab/Shepard mix after my 14 year old daughter gave her a "makeover". She's been told he looks like a doggy Marilyn Monroe!!!
Ahh relief from this Texas heat Boston the Boxer Kuprycz cooling off at Mutts Canine Cantina
It sure is hot in Texas but Im making the best of it Izzy is a 6 year old female Pomeranian who loves getting cooled off by floating around in her swimming pool.
Carlie by the pool Another busy day, had to take a break.
Dog days of summer This is how 5 year old chocolate lab, Molly Snowflake and her best 2 legged friend, Tristan Tierce, enjoy time in the pool. She climbs on to her floating mat and lets him pull her around the pool. Melissa Tierce
Dog days of summer. Zella, enjoying the pool. Owner: Taylor Fields Murphy, tx
Dog Days of Summer submission Shiner and D’janga enjoy some shade after a long walk. Reece Hawkes
Who Needs to Swim When You Can Float Toby and Sadie floating in their rafts.
whiskey coolin off He couldn't wait for us to finish washing his kiddie pool so he got into his water trough
Joan Marcus
Sasha the Siberian My husky Sasha needs a water pik !! CJ Valdez Jr
Dog Days of Summer This is 6 year old Henri enjoying a cool treat on a hot day. Liz Villaire
Chewy and mom ready to tube on Lake Lewisville!
This is my sweet dog Lady . She loves to sit out and soak up the sun in the summer time! I actually think she's smiling here. I caught her catching a few rays a few days ago (nope no SPF for this girl). Thank you for sharing the pictures daily. It's a great part of our day...
My dog Luna says it's too hot to play outside without being in the pool.
Luna loves to sunbathe in the hot summer sun.
Harley is a 4 month great dane. She is full of personality!
Harley is a 4 month great dane. She is full of personality!
Harley is a 4 month great dane. She is full of personality!
Callie in Pool Callie is a Golden/Lab mix and loves any splashing water. She has to get in the pool on her float, won't jump in........... and then will swim off and on playing. Reba Miller
Dog Days of Summer In the picture Skye is enjoying chasing the ball at our lake house at Cedar Creek lake. David Sassano
Favorite Seat Beau loves to go Camping and always claims the rocking chair.
Rafting Two dogs floating on pool raft
Enjoying Watermelon on a hot summer day Our African Land Tortoise Irwin is smiling as he eats his watermelon
Cant wait for the evening Dog hanging out in lawn chair enjoying cool evening
Joey, Brett and Olive are tooooooo cool to experience 'dog days of summer'. Bonnie Ritter , Mansfield tx
Dog's name: Matthew Caption: "Trying to find a cool spot to chill" Respectfully yours, Dwayne Banks
Ginger at the pool Just finished her walk, now she's cooling off in the pool.
Dog Days Of Summer "Patches" doesnt do pink pools
Summertime picture It's the dog days of summer here in McKinney! This is nine year-old Samantha with her pet sitting customer, Copper, who loves to float in the pool!
Dog Days Of Summer "Patches" doesnt do pink pools
Roadtrip Family Selfie Road trip picture of me and our golden retriever pups (5 months old). They are very focused!
keeping cool Gary Frick in his favorite place with his favorite toy.
Buster a 10 1/2 year old French bulldog My French bulldog Buster loves his little pool. It helps him keep cool on a hot day.
Dog Days of Summer This is Mia and she was in the middle of watching me eat Nutella! Thats her *you wanna give me some of that* face! Hope she gets chosen!
Daisy Daisy She loves the water hose
Dog Days of Summer
Merry the Whippet Merry goes crazy for water whenever I water my flowers :) She gets soaked & cooled off too..
Dog days Stan the man, enjoying a little relaxation floating for an hour in the pool during a family get together.
Texas Heat This is hoe my dog Byko (pronounced Beeko) cools off
Fun in the sun Bulldog named Blitz
He is ready for a swim Blue a German Sheppered Pup
We have a hard life Randy, Acer and Ki relaxing after a long day outside!
Life is sweet Mickey a French/English Bulldog enjoying some beautiful weather.
Dog Days Thelma Louis (black dog) and Piper (yellow dog) Both are German Shepard/Chow mix. Both love the swimming pool and swim all the time.
Daphne loves drinking well water from the hose on a hot summer day! Champ & Joyce Lee, Southlake, TX
4th of July Ty all dressed up in his 4th of July gear
Alert and Ready Bussamov to the rescue
Dog days of summer pic Luke and Gracie (dog) "The Dynamic Duo" Relaxing indoors to beat the heat and I turn around to find these two perfectly in sync. Paws Up!
Dog Days of Summer This is Olly enjoying the summer sun by playing some sand volleyball! :-) Robin D'Argo
Dog days Daisy staying cool in the pool
Dog days of summer It's a hard day for Bauer just relaxing on the couch
Dog Days of Summer Bruno loves jet ski rides with my dad! He's king of the lake. Rebekah
Puddle Pony Partner loves to splash around in puddles during the summer.
Interracial Lab Partners These are not my Labs, but I was captivated by their pose from the rear window of a station wagon. My thought was, "If only people everywhere could be this comfortable with each other, despite the difference in color.."
Our Bentley is floating in the pool!
Phoebe and Mateo lounging by the pool Sent by Robert and Ramiro
Cookie chilling in the pool Cookie doesn't like the water too much but she will stand on the float while we swim... Sent in by Gene and Lori Cummings from Garland, TX
Dog Days of Summer The Chennault's from Frisco submit"Pebbles" the Yorkie loves to spend time in the pool.Pam Chennault
Zander Loooves dock jumping for tennis balls!
Dog Days of Summer Zoey loves to go outside and roll in the grass. Summer fun! Submitted by Triniti Frazier Paris, Texas Sent from my BlackBerry� by Boost Mobile
NBC 5 DFW User Submission Dog days of summer. This is how Dakota beats the summer heat - inside on the couch with nice cool air conditioning! -- Application: NBC 5 DFW Version: (b3227f9b) Edition: en-US-nbcdfw Ref: yobxkx7q6zz Model: iPhone System Version: 7.1.2
Weiner Dog Wednesday Pic Meet our sweet puppy "Liberty" she's 4 months old and she's a Weiner Dog/Beagle Mix!
Holly Holly Doxanne enjoying summer
Best Buds Who said cats and dogs don't get along?
Rusty in Rocky Mountain National Park He gave a kiss to this little guy.
It's dog gone hot Alexis our boxer says...."Lets see where can a dog go to get away from this Texas heat?" Keller Texas James and Kristi Moon
Pool Time Olive and Winnie, too cool for school in the pool
Mike cat
scuba twig Twiggy age 3 ft worth, tx
A Bully Pool Party Jax and Opie the sweetest pits you will ever meet are relaxing in the pool.
Emailing: Dog days of summer Jane, "Dog days of summer". I took this picture a few years ago of my two dogs and my daughters dogs. Shelby on the top, Bella then Maverick and Austin on the floor. Thanks for posting my other picture. Thank, Pam Powers Richardson, Texas
Dog Days of Summer picture This is my dog Baylie. She loves to play video games and soak up the a/c when it's
Dog Days of Summer This is SHANE from Waxahachie, just another cooling/fun day in the pool for this YORKIE.
This is my dog Duke ! He's 18 months and we finally got him to go into the pool all by himself. Coming in hot!!! Phuong "Fong" Tien
My dog , Duke lunging in the pool! Thanks, Phuong "Fong" Tien
Ken Tippy at the lake Ken & Tippy are having a great time at Lake Ray Roberts.
Dog days of summer
Dog days of summer This is Lily trying to find some shade!
Mini border collie Charlie is a mini border collie / Aussie . He's really sweet and smart . He knows a lot of tricks and I have no doubt he could be taught to catch frisbees . He's 1 1/2 and he herds really well . Well he herds my other dogs really well . He sleeps inside . I am fostering him for a rescue group . They say he can ring a bell to go outside but we have a doggie door he uses that really well ... I have had him almost a week . We need to find him a forever home ASAP so he can settle into a forever home . He would be great on a farm or someone with land . Think about Charlie when thing about getting a new pet he deserves a chance ..
Dog days of summer Sunning in the yard. Levi and tank
Solar Power Activated This is a picture of our son's (in the Navy) 14 year old black cat. As soon as the sun comes out, he heads for it and just sprawls out and lays there soaking up the sunshine. The warmth that you can feel from him after a few minutes is unbelievable. So, solar power is activated! And even though he's not a dog, he loves to roll over and get his belly scratched like a dog.
My pet Note his name tag. This is my pet peeve. He is an ideal pet. No walks, no pooper scooper, no food bills, no barking, no fence required, any weather is just fine with him, no grooming and no vet bills. He doesn't come when you call him but he never goes anywhere either. A new coat of paint every couple years and that's it.
Sadie Bug , Sophie, Jeepers and Hallie are ready to eat what Dad is cooking for breakfast. Terry and Belinda Earle In Grapevine, tx
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My dog Bella and grandbaby Kynsey wants to play outside-TOO HOT
Dog Days of Summer Here are pictures of 3 year old Nina, a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, trying to stay cool this summer.
Dog Days of Summer Here are pictures of 3 year old Nina, a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, trying to stay cool this summer. Nina loves all types of ice cream, but being a true Texas gal, she just can't say no to Blue Bell
Petey was featured in the Dog Days of Summer on Monday, August 4, 2014.
dog days of summer Flower with her new little kitty friend
Dog Days of Summer(2 photos) Jeana Clarke & Bellini
Dog Days of Summer(2 photos) Jeana Clarke & Bellini
Dog Days of Summer(2 photos) Jeana Clarke & Bellini!
Dog Days of Summer(2 photos) Jeana Clarke & Bellini!
Dog days of summer
Dog days of summer Dallas - chocolate lab
Dog days Tucker loves his pool!
Dog days This is Jack enjoying some ice cream at Mr. Frosty's in Denton. He is a rescue who loves outings like this:-) Carmen Craig Copper Canyon, tx
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