Documentary on Quadruple Amputee Soldier Premieres in Dallas

"Travis: A Soldier's Story" opens Thursday at The Angelika

In an instant, Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills’ life changed last year while serving his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. An improvised explosive device went off as he patrolled the streets, critically injuring him.

"I then landed on the ground -- last thing I did with this hand, I reached up and keyed my trucker mic [sic] and said, ‘LT. I'm pretty messed up. We're going to need help over here," Mills said.

Due to the explosion, Mills lost portions of both of his legs and arms.  

His story of survival caught the eyes of Katie Norris and Jonathon Link with Fotolanthropy, a group that document stories of people facing difficult life circumstances. In a statement about the film, the filmmakers said Mills is only the fifth quadruple amputee from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to survive his injuries,

“It's probably the most challenging production I’ve ever done," Link said.

Over the course of four days in the fall, Link and his team filmed "Travis: A Soldier's Story." 

"He's given all of us a gift by being so raw and open and willing to share this story and we hope it's an encouragement piece that can motivate so many people and he's a true symbol of an American soldier and what they sacrifice," Norris said.

"They always thank me. I say, ‘Hey, I was just doing my job -- had a bad day at work. I appreciate it, but don't feel sorry for me,’" Mills said.

Mills is still undergoing rehabilitation at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C., but will be in attendance when the documentary premieres in Dallas Thursday at the Angelika Theater.

People can still buy tickets to the screening. Originally it was a sold out event, however, the Angelika is opening another theater to accommodate the overflow.

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