Doctors Warn Travelers to Use Caution to Avoid Getting Flu

Planning to catch a flight in the coming days or weeks? If so, local doctors are advising travelers to wear a face mask.

Dr. Robert Simonson, head of emergency services at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, said being in confined areas puts people at a higher risk of catching the flu.

"People that are coughing and sneezing into their hand, and they shake your hand, and your rub your eyes or something, you’re asking for it. You’re going to get it," Simonson warns.

Some passengers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport didn’t seem fond of the idea.

"It just looks really awkward and I feel like people are too germ conscious. If I’m gonna’ get sick, I’m gonna’ get sick. I'll be OK at the end of the day," said passenger Dierdre McCann.

Simonson said it’s a good idea to wear one if you travel through the first week in March, when he expects the flu season to be ending.

"You don't know who on that aircraft is immunized, who is not, who is coming from outside the United States, who's coming from within the United States. So, you're rolling the dice that everybody on that plane is as precautious as you are and that's not the case," he said.

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