Fort Worth

‘Do Not Flush Anti-Freeze Down Your Toilets,' City Water Dept. Warns

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As North Texas begins to thaw from the winter weather blast, a city department is warning people to not use engine coolants as a way to prevent plumbing lines from freezing.

In a tweet, Fort Worth Water reminded people to not flush automotive anti-freeze down toilets. Mary Guliuzza with Fort Worth Water Utility said the messaging was prompted after some posts online suggested anti-freeze could help amid reports of frozen and burst water pipes in Texas homes.

“That will cause us to have to kill the bacteria to clean up waste water,” Gugliuzza said. “Then we will have another a whole set problems that will not be good.”

The tweet went on to say, sewer lines don’t freeze and expand similarly to water pipes.

Though the city is dealing with multiple water main breaks, water outages, and a boil water notice, Gugliuzza said the sewer system has not been compromised.

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