Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair Shop

Denton couple opens self-serve car shop

A North Texas auto repair shop is putting drivers behind the wheel of their repairs.

MyBay Automotive in Denton rents its repair bays and tools to car owners who wish to be their own mechanics.

"Your average person is not going to have this kind of equipment available to them," MyBay Automotive owner Jason King said.

Jason and Jessily King opened the do-it-yourself maintenance and repair shop in April.

"There are the people who simply need to save money," Jason King said. "They can't afford to pay someone to do it."

"The mechanics' prices, usually, you are spending at least $70 an hour, just for the mechanic's services," Jessily King said. "That's not even including parts."

The couple said some drivers prefer to do their own repairs.

"They are very specific," Jason King said. "They want specific parts, and you can't always get that in a repair shop."

MyBay provides a variety of equipment, from common tools you may already have in your garage to not-so-common tools such as impact wrenches and car lifts.

The shop also has a mechanic on call in case you need advice or step-by-step instruction.

The Kings said their business was a leap of faith.

"We were both searching for our next step, and we both decided to just kind of jump into it," Jessily King said.

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