Do Aliens Exist? Dallas Convention Seeks Answer

A convention opening in Dallas on Friday is aimed at exploring the age-old question: Do aliens really exist?

It's called Aliencom, and it's expected to draw thousands of people to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center this weekend.

"I'm sure there is an answer," said Janet Alampi, who showed up with her son, both dressed in black. "I'm not sure we know yet. But as the Men in Black, we're dedicated to finding out and making sure nobody else does."

The Alampis, of Austin, said they are having fun with it.

"It's a form of entertainment and entertainment is good for people in this world or any other," she said.

On the convention center floor, you'll meet everyone from R2-D2 to authors.

Gary Stokes wrote a book, Connecting the Dots in Our Universe. He said he believes in aliens.

"How do you know you're not talking to one now?" he asked. "Any of us could be. I'm not an alien that I know. But I'm an alien to the alien, aren't I? Yes I am."

Aliencon started just a few years ago and has held events in several cities.

One of the featured speakers is Giorgio Tsoukalos, host of the popular "Ancient Aliens" TV show on History.

"It's one of the most evolutionary questions we ask ourselves: Are we alone in the universe?" he said.

Tsoukalos said he believes there's evidence aliens were on Earth centuries ago.

"According to the ancient astronaut theory, they look exactly like you or me," he said. "The question should not be what do the aliens look like, but do we look like the aliens?"

Aliencon runs through Sunday. Tickets start at $62.

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