DNA Evidence Could Be Big Break in Old Murder Case

Investigators are hoping a deceased inmate could lead them to answers in a decades-old murder mystery.

DNA from a little girl who was a victim of an unsolved murder in New Hampshire revealed a link to a man known as 'Bob Evans' who died in prison in 2010. Investigators hope it is a viable lead in the case, which involved an unidentified woman and three unidentified little girls found dead in steel barrels in 1981.

'Bob Evans' had many different aliases and was serving a sentence for killing his wife in California when he died.

Evans claimed to spend substantial time in Texas during the early 1980s, and may have known someone staying at an RV park in Austin during 1986. He claimed to have been employed at a company called Brown and Root in Houston during the 1970s.  

Denise Beaudin, a woman missing since the time of the murders, was dating Evans and left with him to go to Texas to avoid financial difficulties, according to her family. 

Investigators hope that by releasing this information, someone could come forward who knew Evans or his daughter. To report any information, please contact the Manchester Police Department at 603-668-8711.

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