Dismantle or Destroy? Irving to Decide Tx. Stadium's Fate

Irving council members will vote Thursday on a contract that would implode iconic Texas Stadium, but discussions continue over the idea of dismantling the Cowboys' former home, or just letting it go up in smoke.

Nearly all Irving council members are in agreement that the stadium just has to go. The current plan, once the stadium is gone, is to rent the land to TxDOT for a staging area for construction projects. Then DART's light rail project -- planned to go from Dallas through to DFW aiport -- will have a station situated there.

According to the DMN, Irving's council can't quite decide whether to approve a more than $710,000 plan to let Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. to blow up the building, or dismantle it piece-by-piece. Some say the explosion could be the best way to do it, if only to sell the film rights for it's climactic destruction.

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