DISD Police Chief Steps Down, Remains Focused On School Safety

During his more than three-decade career in law enforcement, Craig Miller has watched first-hand as the security challenges facing schools have grown and evolved.

For the last seven and a half years, until stepping down last week, Miller has served as Chief of Dallas ISD's Police Department, helping the district modernize and grow its department.

"Police chiefs don't a lot of times get a chance to leave on their own accord and so I felt like this was a great time to do it," Miller said.

Now Miller hopes to apply what he's learned in the private sector, running his own security company and consulting but all the while keeping his focus on school safety.

On Tuesday, Miller watched as state law makers discussed proposed school safety legislation that could have a sweeping impact. Among the items under consideration, is legislation that could tighten the amount of time between required school safety audits and standardize the way the state regulates teachers carrying guns in the classroom.

Miller, who has spoken out against arming teachers in the past, said he supports clearer rules surrounding the training and arming of teachers.

"I'd like to see one standard set for the entire state where it's not a guessing game where everyone has to do it the same way and follow restrictions," Miller said.

Despite transitioning from policing to the private sector, Miller hopes to remain involved in the school safety conversation.

"There's a lot of opportunity and I want to be able to do things to make schools safe," he said.

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