Discussion Continues Over DPS Presence in Dallas, Some Welcome the Partnership

The debate about the presence of DPS Troopers in Dallas is ongoing. Some in Dallas say an increase in DPS troopers patrolling the city is helping curb crime in their neighborhoods.

This comes after an outcry by people in living in South Dallas who say troopers are over-policing black communities.

Abdulla "Alex" Mahmood has been manager at the Texaco on Ferguson Road for a little over a year.

"I'm living in this country as a U.S. citizen for 25 years. I've never made one 911 call in my life. Now I call 300," he said.

He recently started keeping log of the 911 calls coming from his store. He says he averages two calls a day.

"Fighting at the pump, blocking at the pump, gambling at the pump, shooting at the pump. Last night also shooting."

He says the gas station has been problematic for some time now. He even keeps a folder of no-trespassing citations issued recently.

"We have at least 50 no trespassing. I've told 50 people not to come to the property," said Mahmood.

He also keeps a stack of business cards from law enforcement officers he's come to know more personally. The relationships are good, but he says they haven't helped the problem when it comes to crime.

"They say their hands are tied. They don't have the resources to do that," said Mahmood.

He blames activity on and around the gas station for a $40,000 decline in sales over the last five months.

But he says the last three days have been noticeably different with the presence of DPS troopers. He says the troopers in the area are deterring criminal activity.

"They start coming the last few days. The city is quiet now," he said. "The other day they stayed for about two hours. Before that one hour. That's enough."

His praise for the partnership comes just days after criticism for what's been called a heavy-handed approach in Southern Dallas.

But Mahmood says the bullet holes in his walls tell the story of an area that needs a solution.

"It's good for the public safety."

DPS says 400 arrests have been made, and more than 70 illegal drugs have been seized.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and city councilman Adam McGough came out in support of the partnership between Dallas Police and DPS.

Police say they've seen a 29 percent reduction of crime in the month of July.

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