Dirk Celebrates His 40th Birthday in Style With Familiar Faces

If you did not hear, yesterday was Dirk Nowitzki's 40th birthday; and despite DFW's best efforts, no one celebrated harder than Dirk.

However, he made sure to give special thanks to some of the important people in his life, including the Mavs' Director of Player Development.

And Dirk made sure he got in on the laughs, too. He reminded everyone that despite his two decades in Dallas, he's always going to be "straight outta Wurzburg (Germany)".

He also had some special non-sports guests attend his birthday bash, including DJ Jazzy Jeff, also known as Jazz from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Check out DJ Jazzy Jeff's clip of his birthday party performance with rapper Busta Rhymes. However, we'd like to warn you, you will see Dirk dancing and hear some NSFWs, both may be considered alarming.

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